All about me

“He done it, he got himself a wife!” – well I’m not quite Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but I did finally get myself a blog. I’ve been toying with the idea for many a year, but didn’t believe there was much reason for people to read my ramblings. But at the encouragement of my psychologist I decided to write for my own benefit. And if somebody gets some help or *shock* enjoyment out of it, then all the better! I plan to make this a haven for my thoughts, projects and some fun and funky How To’s.

So i’ll keep my intro short to atleast try to encourage you to stay on! I am late 20’s from Australia and a Makeup Artist by trade. I have been struggling with mental illness for many years now and if you want a label to chuck on me then you can print “comorbid Bipolar and Borderline Personality”, but I don’t give myself a title, I just go about my business and treat the issues day by day.

I have a huge array of interests that don’t really intertwine with one another – hello kitty, baking, sewing, working on cars, chickens, dressing in vintage get-up, camping, drinking tea, road trips, cleaning, patting my cat, spoiling my nieces and nephews, going out to eat, cherry blossoms, good quality vodka, sfx makeup, watching musicals, tragic reality tv shows, zombie films, bluegrass music, swimming, organising, card making, yelling at crummy drivers and BBQ Samboy chips.

So stick around for some interesting reads and DIY articles from one of the nicest kids in town!
Noreen & Doreen from Hairspray


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